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Philippe Moine
Philippe Moine is full of sincerity and humanity, deeply anchored in an approach where man is at once the source and the end purpose of his creativity. A sensitive lover of pictorial art and sculpture, he is nourished by the inexpressible which is illustrated through pared-down lines, emotions emanating from a sketched-out movement. Philippe Moine was born in the Seventies in St Etienne, a town recognised by Unesco since 22nd November 2010 as one of a network of ‘villes créatives Design’. Was this an omen? A childhood lover of Lego, Meccano and carpentry sets, he very quickly showed a marked leaning towards a career in which the process of construction and woodworking would satisfy his appetite for creation. His first cabinetmaking courses confirmed his particular attraction to this career path, where wood enabled him to give shape to his ideas with great ease. Ideas, his head was full of them ! To help them gush out, he signed up with the école Boulle, Paris where he learned to master the movements and skills which would enable him to craft wood, metal and fabric with both quality and genius. With a degree in Interior Architecture under his belt, he then went on to specialize in Industrial Design at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris: a course with the educational mission of providing artistic, scientific and technical training in all spheres of the decorative arts. At the same time, Philippe Moine joined the design team at Renault: plunging into such a hotbed of creativity was a catalyst for him. The designers, from the best schools in the world, were young like him; the multicultural nature of the team and the means laid at their disposal enabled them to produce designs of limitless creativity. This experience, coupled with his talent, was to open the doors of various design agencies, where he became known for his striking creations. Philippe Moine opened his own studio in 1996 and now divides his time between industrial design, which he has been developing more broadly for a number of years, and ‘le Mobilier de Création’. > Industrial design is a field in which he knows how to make the best use of his achievements whilst adhering to a set of specifications which have been scrupulously defined by issues relating to business, the market, the production process, the user…his expertise in this field is acknowledged, his creations arresting. il maîtrise des réalisations en adéquation avec un cahier des charges scrupuleux défini par une problématique d’entreprise, de marché, de fabrication, d’utilisateur… > Le Mobilier de Création is his secret garden where he designs exceptional pieces. Unique items of furniture worked in a single material or in a range of material types, a harmonious marriage of wood, metal or glass. > Graphic and spatial design are areas in which he plunders the very DNA of the business, offering sensory voyages using forms, images, materials and colours whilst remaining true to simplicity and clarity. As the town of Saint-Etienne was making design one of its axes for economic recovery, Philippe Moine came together with two other local designers to found the collective DESIGNERS+ in 2007. Today, this collective is a veritable platform for design and development, aiding the region’s economic players by making design an innovative lever for the whole area. Today, Philippe sits on both the management committee and the Design & Industries commission.





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