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Iris Delvalle
A designer of objects, Iris Delvalle confesses to a particular interest in everyday objects for their creative, inspiring potential. They enable her to perceive the space around an object as a system in perpetual movement, juggling usage, symbolism, signs and reference points. Fascinated by this diversity, she has constructed a language of forms, which can be recognized in a large number of her projects. Objects are not her only passion, however : she is also a silk-screen printer. This technique offers her the possibility of switching between the figurative and the abstract. Iris Delvalle is a graduate of the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims (ESAD), from which she obtained a Masters in Product Design. Only recently launched into the world of work, she is beginning to become known thanks to prix Cinna révélateur jeunes talents, of which she was a winner in the lighting category with her Éclosion floor lamp, from her degree project. Nothing if not ambitious, she founded a small brand, ‘Dahu edition’, in 2013, with a view to celebrating French manufacturing: collaborations between various designers result in small production runs of all kinds of objects.



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