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Frédéric Saulou
Born in 1989, Frédéric Saulou studied ‘l’espace et le design d’environnement’ (space and environmental design) at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués between 2007 and 2011. He continued to feed his curiosity for design with a course at the école des Beaux Arts de Rennes, from which he obtained his DNSEP in 2013. To broaden his experience he spent several months working at the Eric Gizard Associés agency and with the designer Frédéric Ruyant. Today, these varied experiences enable him to envisage design as a space for research and exchange, and to develop an approach which is sensitive to forms and materials. Experimentation and research are central to his work, enabling him to consider new materials and new uses. This supports his everyday approach so that each project can be viewed as a sculpture wholly between simplicity and technicality. This procedure guides him towards an approach which is not only comprehensive but also unique in that his creations spark particular interactions between user and object. Frédéric Saulou undertook a 6 month residency in Angers, where he carried out research and worked on creations based on mineral matter from the Anjou region. Frédéric Saulou has also worked for the hôtel Molitor, designing porcelain ‘fèves des rois’ and on a set of coffee cups for the porcelain manufacturers of Limoges; he has also worked on limited-edition pieces for the ‘Suddenly made’ artists’ residency. Winner, ‘Suddenly Made’, artist & designer in residence – Paris/Brussels – 2015 Artist & designer in residence – Angers – 2014/2015 Winner, ‘International Porcelain Coffee Cup’ with a set of coffee cups – 2014 Winner, ‘Attisons le marbre’ – Monticule project – 2013 Winner, VIA des écoles – Cargo modular table – 2012 Winner, ‘Inner Design’ – Eco Créative Contest – Milan – 2012



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