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Arthur Hoffner
Born in Paris in 1990. Attracted very early on to working with materials, I studied for my BAC in Applied Arts from the Ecole Boulle from 2005, at the same time indulging my passion for the forge and artistic ironwork. I joined the ENSCI in 2008, after finishing my BAC. An Erasmus exchange to the University of Arts, Berlin followed, then an apprenticeship at Jerszy Seymour, also in Berlin. Having also worked for various plastic artists (Théo Mercier, Gerda and Jörg Lenzlinger, Erwin Wurm), I left for Anvers in 2011 for an apprenticeship at Unfold, where had my initiation into the 3D printing of porcelain. On my return I was awarded first prize in the concours Cinna for Ring My Bell and worked on Alumine, a seating system in embossed sheet aluminium, which was shown at the VIA in 2012. I am currently working on my master’s dissertation.



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